About us

We are here to provide a lifeline for people in crisis and those who are vulnerable and socially isolated.

We aim to give hope, build self-esteem and empower people to improve their prospects and live happier lives.

We want to see people transition from surviving to thriving.

Our mission is to reduce food poverty and loneliness while facilitating a better-networked neighbourhood.

Lyme Regis Foodbank

We provide our clients with the food and support they urgently need to survive while signposting them to other appropriate support services, helping to address the underlying cause.

Please visit the Lyme Regis Foodbank website for more information.

Lyme Regis Carers’ Café

The Carers’ Café provides a welcoming environment for people who are facing the same challenges to come together for support, understanding and friendship.

Please visit the Lyme Regis Carers’ Café for more information.

Lyme Regis Holiday Hunger Project

With the loss of free school meals given out during term time, in addition to the extra childcare costs around the holidays, families already struggling with low budgets find it difficult to feed their children during school holidays. 

The project works closely with local schools to provide food for children experiencing food deprivation during school holidays.  


Lyme Regis Community Lunch

Our aim is to create a welcoming space where people can come together to share a meal, a place where conversations and connections are made easily.