Providing vital support & improving wellbeing within our local community

LymeForward is dedicated to improving the lives of residents in and around Lyme Regis by providing support in times of need, helping people move forward with their lives.

Our objectives are to improve nutrition, social inclusion and wellbeing within the local community. We do this through the delivery of practical projects locally such as the Foodbank, Community Lunch, School Holidays Food Project and mutual support groups such as the Carers' Café.

Our projects

Lyme Regis Foodbank supports local people with nutritional food during times of crisis and uncertainty.
Please visit the Lyme Regis Foodbank website to learn more.

Lyme Regis Carers' Café provides a space for carers to take time for themselves, meet like-minded people and share thoughts and ideas on the issues that matter to them.

 We work closely with staff at our local schools to provide meals during school holidays to children living in households struggling financially.

We hope to reintroduce our community lunch club which offers a relaxed, safe and friendly space for people to gather, make friends and enjoy good food. 



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